Founded in 2017 with a strong focus on cybersecurity frameworks and Technology, GrowPro was built from the ground up Bangkok, Thailand. Our direction for making information security simple and accessible to all organizations.

GrowPro Consulting & Services has been established with the team that has a strong expertise in IT Network & Security. Our team has over 10 years in various types of IT security service including product-wise service and consultancy service. Guaranteed by multi-vendor certified engineers. The implementation services has been developed over many years to ensure a smooth transition to the GrowPro service.

Our future perspective lies in transforming current leadership role as Professional Services to becoming a leading managed Security services and Security on Could computing, providing unparalleled service by offering services covering all IT security solution.

We are a leader in managed detection and response (MDR), managed security services (MSS), Data security service and SIEM service, Consulting and professional services.

Our Values


We take on the responsibility of our clients' protection from cyber threats so they are free to focus on their core business without worrying about security. We are committed to direct action and response by being unapologetically dedicated to the safety of our clients' business. We want your business to thrive, not strive at the expense of a cyber threat.

Reducing Complexity

Our job is to keep security as simple for our clients as possible. With GrowPro, you have access to cyber security analysts and engineers who want to see technology installed with a proper framework, even in the most complex environments. We work with your existing technology and your technology partners to produce results from day one to move you efficiently towards a solidified position in your cyber security journey. 


Security is not just about protecting technology; it’s about protecting one another. We believe that by ensuring a flourishing cybersecurity program for you, your business can be free to work earnestly in bettering this world we all share. And we promise to do the same too — with our young, diverse team, we are constantly striving to make a positive impact in our work and in our community.