Outsourced security expertise

Managed SIEM providers are focused on enterprise security as their primary value driver. They hold a wealth of cyber security expertise that can be leveraged to enhance IT security for their customers

Strategic partnerships

Managed SIEM providers are well-connected within the cyber security industry, including with other major security technology vendors. This gives them access to more tools, resources and expertise, along with the latest innovations and timely alerts about the latest detected threats.


A well-reputed Managed SIEM provider offers a proven track record of securing its clients from cyber attacks through effective setup and monitoring of security tools. Managed SIEM can give you peace of mind that your business security is being managed by industry-leading experts.

What are the Benefits of Managed SIEM?

The business case for Managed SIEM centers on the reduction of cost and the ability to leverage outsourced security expertise to help manage security operations and protect the business from cyber security threats and data breaches.

Reduced SIEM deployment costs

if an organization choose to deploy a SIEM tool on-premise, it must purchase the IT infrastructure needed to support the deployment. For small or medium-sized businesses, purchasing additional IT assets to support a SIEM deployment can be expensive. With Managed SIEM, organizations simply pay a monthly subscription fee.

Streamlined daily security operations

Managed SIEM providers offer the core services of SIEM, such as security monitoring and incident response, but they can also take over tasks that your in-house SecOps team would normally be responsible for. Delivering monthly security reports, installing patches and updates, managing compliance, maintaining the SIEM configuration and asset inventory functions can all be offered by Managed SIEM providers.

Access to expertise

Leading Managed SIEM providers maintain a skilled staff of cyber security experts that will collaborate to analyze your enterprise security logs, investigate incidents and provide threat detection and response services. Managed SIEM is a cost effective alternative to recruiting, hiring, training and managing your own team of cyber security experts.