24x7 coverage

You can be confident that your security analysts are always alert and fresh when defending your infrastructure. As your partners, you can reach out to any of our analysts 24/7 to understand the journey of a threat

Faster response times

We provide emergency help based on the NIST Response Framework for improved incident detection and response times

Fast containment and removal

Avoid delays between threat discovery and response with our fully managed service.

Network security monitoring protects your organization while you sleep.


using advanced behavioral and endpoint analytics, we hunt for insidious threats to stop them gaining a foothold in your network.

A complete solution

we supply and deploy all the security tech, including SIEM, EDR, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and behavioral and endpoint analytics.

Avoid staff overwhelm

our experienced teams look after the ceaseless, 24/7 task of monitoring, investigating and triaging threats.

Integrated response

in the event of a breach, we have the knowledge and toolsets to shut threats down before they cause damage.