GrowPro : Professional Services

With our experience on security network more than 10 years will provide:

  • IT-selection projects will be carried out in a timely manner and on an efficient basis.
  • An objective and complete overview of customer requirement will be given.
  • Cost and time risks during implementation projects will be reduced

GrowPro Onsite Service Program offer several features that enhance the value of products or solutions.

  • Direct telephone and/or email access to technical support specialists.
  • A commitment for response times.
  • Onsite support

The variety of options available in these to select the right program for your support needs.

GrowPro : Consulting Services

GrowPro Consulting uses multiple techniques to evaluate, understand, and review the security posture of an organisation. These techniques are designed to not impact operations in any way. The general approach is to collect information, assess the data, provide a risk profile, recommend actions, and highlight notable strengths for the organisation.